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With the rapid growth of technology, there are several ways we can be contaced.

Grant Ludlam Refurbishments

“In a minimal interior, what you don't do is as important as what you do.”

why not just meet us in person.

Just simply email text or call us to arrange an appointment so one of our team members can visit you and discuss in person with you with what your needs are,and we can either help with our vast knowledge and training on what would be best to suite your needs. Or even if you would lioke some friendly advice.


We have many ways for you to contact us here at GLRefurbs.

Email,give us a call or even visit our facebook page which is located t the top of every page where it says FOLLOW US 

Woking Surrey

07772 671275


Please feel free to send us an email with as much detail as you can and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as they can .   many thanks.



01.  Do we charge for our estimates?

Of course we dont, we will pop round at your convenience you name a date and a time and we will be there.

We will discuss any ideas and plans you have and help advise a stratergy that works for you,our team member will then go away and work out a pricing that fits your needs.

02.  Who should I contact if I have any queries?

Contact us either by Email,Text or call or if you are on any social media platform you will find us on there

Please feel free to click any of the links below for our social networking groups.

For our Facebook page click HERE.

03.  How can I cancel or change my appointments?

Simple,,,, either drop us an email or phone call to reschedule and we will be happy to change it for you.

If you wish to cancel your free estimate then please give us 24hrs notice, thats all we ask ..  

04.  How can I make any changes to any things discussed?

AJust give us an email or drop us a call or please feel free to discuss it with our team that is carrying out your work and we can discuss any issues or make the right changes for you. A gain if you could let us know as soon as you can to help with making any changes run smoothly.

05.  How long will the work take?

The work we carry out will be discussed with our member of staff and written in a job sheet for your viewing or discussed by a member of our team before we carry out any work. If there are any delays or problems, one of our team will be in touch at your earliest conveniance.

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